The Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator

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The Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence developed by veteran trader Patrick MontesDeOca. The VC PMI provides precise entry, exit and stop levels and it has earned an impressive track record. It provides high probability trades with 90% and 95% probabilities and can be used by day, swing or position traders, as well as by hedgers. It can be used to trade commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs, and other financial instruments. 

The primary driver of the VC PMI is the reversion to the mean principle. The individual components that compose the VC PMI include fundamental logic and principles of Elliott wave counts, Fibonacci numbers and Gann principles combined with supply and demand levels, pivot points, moving averages and momentum indicators. The underlying matrix used as a thread connecting the individual concepts into a one directional algorithm is the science of Vortex Mathematics.

Professional traders use AI-based algorithms to trade markets. Now, you can use an AI-based algorithm to level the playing field. The VC PMI is a GPS for your trading. It does all the analysis of the markets for you, so you can leave your emotions at the door, sit down, and trade.