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As a guest, you have access to the following channels:
General, Rules, and Glossary

Where trading-related discussion takes place. Feel free to ask questions about our trading process. Content is regularly posted, such as live streams and the daily, weekly, and monthly VC PMI radar screen price levels.

Highlights the rules for trading the VC PMI and any server- and host-related rules.

#vcpmi-glossary (WIP):
Hosts all terminology related to the VC PMI and trading.

Discord Member

Once you purchase a membership, you are granted access to the member channels. The member channels are exclusive to VC PMI members. You can purchase access on VCPMI.com.

Where Patrick MontesDeOca provides VC PMI trading signals throughout the day and commentary on the markets. This channel is also a discussion channel for any trading-related chats. 

For trade signals and commentary of higher and often immediate importance.

Weekly and monthly, bitcoin, gold, and silver reports from Seeking Alpha.

Discord Voice Channels

Hosts the live show every morning 30 minutes after the markets open.

It also includes coaching and Q&A for our subscribers.